Experts in Remote Management

Remote management, control and supervision for public lighting networks

Lighting Control

ON/OFF and power dimming remote control, plus custom-made hourly programming depending on area and lighting needs.

Speed Radar

Speed detection for creation of heat maps for sensitive areas in order to apply corrective road safety measures.

Astronomical Clock

Lighting points switch on/off depending on sunrise and sunset as well as the geographic location of the installation which means energetic savings.

Environment and CO/CO2 Sensor

Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensing as well as CO/CO2 levels measurement.

Traffic and Pedestrian Flow Control

Traffic and pedestrian density estimation to determine, for example, the best commercial areas.

Noise Level Control

Noise sensing which permit detecting the noisy areas to apply corrective policies and silent areas.

Power Failure Detection

Detection in case of robbery or cable damage even without power supply. Including sending message to alarm company.

Auxiliary Sensor

Punto de socorro por detección de voces de auxilio, mediante matching de palabras, gritos o disparos. Con envío de alarma y llamada a central de emergencias.


Localization of persons requiring specific needs and municipal assets using LORA. These are small and require low power.

Motion Sensor

Detection of position using an accelerometer which allows sensing possible hits, pole or luminaire fall, strong winds and seismic movements.

Warning sign

Red LED for emergency. For emergency indications in a group of street lamps in a danger zone due to struggles, sanitary emergencies, tsunami, hurricanes.

Courtesy lighting

People and vehicles are detected using a motion sensor. Permits reducing the energy consumption adapting the lighting required at any time.


Our Nimbus modules use the most innovative technology in the market.

The Nimbus functionality was developed using LORA, GPRS/3G/4G, WIFI, BlueTooth Low Energy, PLC o Prime compliant and Thread which are responsible for carrying out all the information management and provide the data for a proper operation of the installation of the lighting of each client at any time or place.

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Our technology is imbedded in the following products:

Nimbus-NL in network with and without PLC Prime versions, including the basic version (slave) and advanced version (master) with 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi.
Nimbus-SL for remote management of solar luminaires in both basic and advanced versions (2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi).

All modules include the LORA technology. Streetlights can be remote controlled, parameterized depending of the necessity and their light intensity can be regulated. Moreover, the remote management allows monitoring the energy consumption in real time as well as controlling the ON/OFF schedule.

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Among all the possible applications made possible with Luxiot system, two of them can be highlighted due to their innovative aspect.

Geolocation of people and objects. Through our network of Nimbus devices and thanks to small devices called beacons, it is possible to localize people in need of specific attention and loss-sensitive municipal assets. The beacons, due to their low power requirement, have a 5 year-autonomy.

Warning sign. The devices are equipped with a red LED to inform of an emergency such as dangerous area for street rows, sanitary threats, Tsunami, Hurricanes…


Our software solutions, Nuvalux, permits remote control and management of the NIMBUS controllers.

Nuvalux control software helps configure all the luminaires of your environment and show you the in-time as well as past data for controllers and sensors.

Our solution is provided with strong analysis data tools to produce automatic and customized reports, graphs and color maps. All of this in a safe, multi-user and multi-language environment.

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Benefits Nimbus

Our NIMBUS solutions are designed to reduce our footprint on the environment by offering a smart and efficient management of public lighting.

Decreased CO2 Emissions 75%
Economic Savings 82%
Maintenance Costs Cutback 85%
Increased Security 99%




CO2 Tn


Environment friendly

A 100 120W-LED streetlights network will cutback the CO2 emissions by 104Tn every year therefore reducing the greenhouse effect. Moreover, it will avoid cutting 450 trees over a 12-month period.


Our professionalism is our guarantee, that’s why we collaborate with lighting companies worldwide.

Our company

The city of the future is a sustainable and environment-friendly city. Luxiot applies its knowledge to transform our towns and cities to more energy sustainable and economically viable Smart Cities. Since public lighting is an important part of a city’s budget and resources as well as it is the main cause for lighting pollution in many cities, Luxiot provides a smart lighting solution to improve efficiency and uses a leading technology for remote management to improve people’s day-to-day.

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