Namibe (Angola)

Project: GMD Solutions

Distributor: Disoled & Luxiot

NIMBUS SLR luminaire

Namibe is one of the 18 regions that make up Angola. Located by the Atlantic Ocean, the region is immersed in a modernization of much of its public lighting.

GMD Solutions carried out the project for the illumination of the bridge over the Giraul River in Namibe, Angola, in collaboration with DISOLED and LUXIOT, technology companies in LED lighting and solar remote control Smart Cities.

Thanks to LED technology and solar energy, each element is completely autonomous, allowing the storage in batteries of the energy generated by the solar panels. At night, this accumulated energy is consumed when the LED luminaires are turned on.

We have installed a total of 68 solar streetlights that allow to illuminate more than 800 meters of the bridge. Each unit has a solar cell of 120W monocrystalline cells, a 60W LED luminaire, with a NIMBUS SLR telemanagement module.This allows a regulated lighting in power, obtaining an autonomy of operation of 3 to 4 days uninterrupted. The entire system is managed by a NIMBUS SLR telemanagement module, which manages both the ignition, shutdown and regulation of the luminaire, as well as the charging and discharging of lithium ferrous batteries (LIFePO4), with a useful life of 3000 cycles.

This technology has allowed the light to be taken to a path that would otherwise never have been illuminated, given the enormous cost associated with bringing electrical lines to the area. The project made possible for the Namibe region to illuminate the longest bridge in its territory. After its recent construction, the bridge is located on the road that links the area with the northern provinces and reaches Luanda, the capital. To the inauguration attended the president of the Republic given the importance of the public work.