Remote management / Smart City


Remote management module connected to the public lighting network

Communication Technology

  • Network based on Master and Slave nodes.
  • Nodes communicate with GPRS, 3G, LORA, WIFI and PLC-PRIME modems.
  • LoraWan connectivity in locations equipped with LORAWAN antennas.
  • Slave nodes with radio transceiver over free ISM band with LORA technology. This ensures that if there is a master node on each street, each slave node has multiple repeat options even in old urban centers.
  • Any node can become master or slave.
  • The network is re-adapted in real time to the fall / restoration of masters.
  • Battery backup that allows the system to maintain all IoT functions despite the power failure.
  • Messages in LORA mode use asymmetric ECC + AES encryption, with Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.
  • The connectivity of the master nodes to the Cloud via GPRS / 3G uses VPN cards, which implies a high level of security while allowing fixed IPs.
  • Range in open space of slave node -> master of up to 20Km in free space. (Studies made by the company under the NDA are available).

Gestión de potencia en luminaria

  • Node supply from driver output.
  • Average consumption 20mA.
  • Backup pack LiFePO4 7.2V 1500mAh battery.
  • Dimming Output 1-10V / PWM / DALI
Working Modes
  • Automatic (astronomical) mode of activation of the luminaires according to the time of sunrise / sunset. In the night period the established program is applied.
  • Working mode by photocell, once inside the night period applies the established program.
  • Mode of modulation of maximum power depending on the lunar calendar.
  • Program based on 12 time slots with power selection each. It is not necessary to adjust according to the time of year.
  • Optional entrance for presence detector (in sensor module), allows to modulate the light to the passage of people and / or vehicles.
  • Detection of cut of the cable of the electric network by means of PLC communication.
  • Fault monitoring of the luminaire via the driver’s signal or, in the absence of such a signal, by sensing the output voltage of the driver.
  • “Flash Alert” function. This function is activated if there is an alarm in the conditions of the luminaire (eg panic button), a flash can be generated in the same to facilitate the placement of emergency equipment.

Functions of Sensing

  • Sensing of Temperature / Humidity by external probes.
  • Sensing of atmospheric pressure in the module’s base board.
  • Sensing of position by accelerometer, can detect the fall of the post or head of the luminaire.
  • Sensed through the LUZY Sensors Module in the lower part of the luminaire.
  • Up to 3 channels for emergency push buttons, infrared / fire sensors etc …
  • Activation of up to 2 open drain outputs.
  • RS485 bus for expansion modules.
  • Ready for the internet of things.


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Nimbus communication node powered by Solar Energy.
The NIMBUS Solar model has, in addition to the features and functionalities mentioned above, the following additional points:


Integrated solar solution with connection to cloud platform.

Module with luminaire driver and intelligent solar charge controller.

Communication with GPRS / 3G / WIFI + LORA technology, as in the case of networked power management.

LiFePO4 batteries, with long cycle of charges-discharges, far superior to those of gel, 2000-3000 cycles vs 500 cycles.

Smart Technology

Integrated solution in the head of the luminaire with LiFePO4 battery technology, minimizing the size and costs of installation and maintenance.

The use of LiFePO4 batteries allows the integration of the battery in the head of the luminaire, or also in the chassis of the lamp, reducing the costs of work of the installation.

The integration of the battery in the head generates a solar lighting infrastructure “SMART”, that makes the product more aesthetically pleasing and this facilitates its commercial viability.

The integration of the battery in the head of the luminaire, forms a system of difficult access for possible thieves of copper and / or batteries, which in certain urban areas constitutes a relevant factor for the viability of the project.


Calculation of energy accumulated during the day that allows an adaptive nocturnal planning according to the conditions of charge of the battery, allowing policies of saving in conditions of low charge and / or expansive policies in case of events, all controlled remotely from the Cloud platform.

Adaptation of the solar policy with the astronomical calendar.

Prevention of the battery life cycle with report to the platform, allowing adaptive policies in its changes.

Same functions of processing of signals, presence, audio, temperature, humidity that in the case of Nimbus connected to Electrical network.


LUZY series. The new generation of senses for smart cities.


Sensing nodes and luminaire management.

The LUZY sensing board can be conceived as a NIMBUS slave board whose function is that of sensor module external to the luminaire or as a totally independent remote management module that does not need NIMBUS, only equipped with LORA transceiver with the following characteristics:


Input power range from 10Vdc to 140Vdc micropower Linear Technology.
Allows Meanwell and Inventronics drivers.

10V regulation for 1-10 or PWM dimming generation.

LiFePO4 external battery charger, housed inside the luminaire.

CPU cortex M4-M7 with MIPI interface for CCM option in dome.

Transceiver + LORA antenna.

Interface I2C / RS485 to master NIMBUS.

UFL connector for GSM antenna of the master.

UFL connector for LORA antenna of the master.

Red led for indication of emergency situations by Tsunami, hurricanes.


Temperature and humidity sensor.

Atmospheric pressure sensor.

Ambient light sensor facing away from the light generated by the luminaire.



CO / CO2 sensor.

45º Doppler radar module

LUZY Models

Depending on the needs of the LUZY, several models are generated:

LUZY-S. Luzy NIMBUS master slave without uProcessor or regulator, temperature / humidity sensing.
LUZY-SR. Luzy slave master NIMBUS without uProcessor or regulator, with radar, temperature / humidity.
LUZY-M. Luzy micro processed with LORA communication, temperature / humidity / seismic sensing.
LUZY-MR. Luzy micro processed with LORA communication, temperature / humidity / seismic sensing + presence radar.
LUZY-MRC. Luzy micro processed with LORA communication, temperature / humidity / seismic sensing + presence radar + camera.