Nuvalux Software

Public lighting management software

Our NUVALUX remote management software integrates seamlessly with NIMBUS controllers and communication devices.


At Luxiot we use the latest data encryption technology to ensure that information transfer and system operation are not affected by external intervention. We continually investigate and improve the security of our software solution.


Our Nuvalux software solution is designed to work with a multitude of teams and users offering a quick response and is open to future updates and upgrades.


Luxiot’s control software utilizes state-of-the-art Cloud services, stable and uncomplicated Cloud services. You can access Luxiot from any computer or mobile device, while ensuring that all backup and security issues are being handled by our specialists.


Our software brings together a large amount of data in high-quality reports that help you better analyze the situation in the field, generate more precise management actions and thus improve the performance of your lighting system.


Based on the Cloud, with an advanced user management system, LuxIoT control software is designed to efficiently manage public lighting projects, regardless of size, to a virtually unlimited number of NIMBUS controllers in large urban conurbations.

LuxIoT control software is highly intuitive and easy to use, offers management and reporting tools, luminaire control and programming tools, alarm and maintenance notifications. In addition, grouping, filtering and updating can be done through the mass operations interface, facilitating the management of a large number of lamps, lamp groups, users or planned actions.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Stable, secure and interoperable.
  • Automatic operation of the street lighting (ON / OFF and by control of regulation).
  • Advanced scheduling based on astronomical calendar and / or light / motion sensors.
  • Lamp monitoring, real-time alerts and fault management.
  • Unlimited number of lamps and luminaires.
  • Smartphone application support for installation and commissioning.
  • Visualization of maps, geographical location of lamps and their status.
  • Advanced user management: roles and group assignment.
  • Record of the actions carried out.
  • Data analysis, reporting tools and performance charts, plus heat maps that provide a fast visualization tool to geographically analyze the data provided by the sensors.
  • Multi-language interface.