Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our clients. If you can not find the right answer to your question, please, contact us directly.

What services does the Luxiot system allow?

Apart from the dimming calendar functions, NIMBUS controllers allow the integration of all kinds of sensors and actuators that can be controlled and monitored via cloud. Integrated in the head with the mini-dome sensor plugin so that it is integrated into the luminaire in aesthetic way.

Is the continuous supply of electricity to Luxiot luminaires necessary for value-added services?

Yes, it is necessary, especially for the services of greater consumption like the control of speed of the traffic. However, the system has a high quality internal battery that allows functioning for two days without power supply, keeping the sensing functions active for 24 hours.

Is it necessary to change all the luminaires to install the Luxiot system?

It is not strictly necessary, and it can be undertaken in phases, however, certain services such as tracking assets and people, need a wide implementation area.

Do I need to replace the entire lighting system to implement the Luxiot system?

We recommend changing the entire head of the luminaire, since the retrofit adaptations would not be certified according to the regulations of the Ministry of Industry. Take advantage of LED lighting and replace old items with fully certified Luxiot LED luminaires and amortize your investment in less than 5 years.

What is the maximum number of luminaires that can be operated through Luxiot?

The Luxiot system is ready to handle a virtually unlimited number of lamps or other devices along the PCL / LORA / GPRS network. Thanks to our advanced communication solution and repeater mechanisms, we can operate the system in virtually any environment, regardless of the size of the lighting infrastructure.

How much will it cost to install the Luxiot system?

Each city is unique and depending on the desired functionalities, it is difficult to estimate a cost of deployment without detailed information on your particular project.

What are the maintenance costs of the Luxiot system?

In addition to the usual maintenance tasks of your public lighting network, Luxiot components also have a limited life expectancy, so you will probably need some hardware replacements after about 5 years of operation (controllers, sensors or communication devices).
The good news is that the costs of these replacements would already be covered by the system’s energy savings, so they will not be a burden on your city’s budget.

What are the main benefits of the Luxiot system?

Luxiot requires less investment than you would expect since there are luminaires of maximum efficiency and quality that allow a quick amortization with energy savings and maintenance costs. It uses a series of sensors and accessories that adapt to your particular needs, which will give you additional income through the services you can provide. In addition, through the use of open protocols, Luxiot is adaptable to third party components and integrates with other current and future urban systems.

I am determined to implement the Luxiot systems, how do we start?

Contact a Luxiot sales agent, providing the details of the luminaires to be replaced and the type of them, you will receive a complete study of the implementation of the Luxiot system in your locality.